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We present:

Instant start a business - immediately after the signing of the sales contract
Notary guarantee a lack of commitment
Fulllegal assistance during the transaction
A wide range of services additionalfor your new business

Ways to buy companies:

Option I - a direct meeting

All documents can be signed during the one visit in the town where is office of your company. First, please send by e-mail an order. Then, within 2 working days we arrange a meeting with the notary and prepare the necessary documentation. In the set day we sign documents in the presence of a notary. Then we file prepared documents to the court and the another appropriate institutions. After the procedure, we will oversee introduced changes in the bought company.

Option II - correspondence signing of the contract

Phe process signing of the contract by correspondence requires two visits to the notary. First, you go to your chosen notary to sign sale agreement sent by us. Then, after receiving the documents provided from you, we sign the contract in the presence of a notary in Bydgoszcz. Subsequently, some of the documents will be sent back to you, while the remaining shall be deposited in the appropriate offices.

Option III - remote implementation with the use of a power of attorney (usually used for the registration of the company by a foreign investor)

The registration process begins the same - please send request. Then it is necessary to provide a notarized power of attorney for us to represent partners before a notary. Within the next two days we will arrange a notary and will sign documents in your name. The documents, which must be signed personally, are sent to you. After signed and submitted documentation, we make them in the appropriate institutions.